27 days and counting!

I had my first official braces adjustment today, which meant new colors! I’d originally planned to get orange, for halloween, but I was getting several powerchains this time, and they did not have powerchains in orange. So, instead, I got purple with a hint of orange:

Adjustment 1

My bottom front teeth are really sore. The rest of them are alright. I keep clicking my top and bottom teeth together by accident (which doesn’t help the soreness) because I don’t expect them to be where they are.

Anyways, I really like the purple and orange! Getting new tooth accessories every month is the best part. I also got my bottom back brackets back on again. My dentist-friend put them in a slightly different place on the tooth so that they’d engage more of the tooth and less of the filling…also so I wouldn’t be biting down on them with my top teeth (hard to explain, but before, I was biting down on the bracket because of where it was and how my top teeth sit). So far, it seems to have worked, but I’ll give it through the weekend before I start feeling super-confident. 🙂 Fortunately, my dentist-friend and I are in the same hotel all weekend. 😉