I just finished the 2nd (and final) season of Rome on DVD. It was an amazing series. I haven’t been this sad to finish a DVD set since I finished Firefly. I’m also quite sad because now whenever I watch TV, I am bothered whenever the characters don’t fuck randomly and for the fun of it, and with all parts shown. Oh, and even with Google SafeSearch off, I can’t find a screencap of Marc Antony naked as a jaybird, nor grown-up Octavian. And, of course, there’s no shots of Titus Pullo, but then we never saw him full-on in the show, so I suppose there wouldn’t be.

I did manage to find a picture from an onset gag with Lucius Vorenus and Marc Antony in bed together. That was fun. 🙂

Yep…probably one of the few TV shows that managed to make me horny, sad, and delighted all at the same time. It may have even educated me a bit. What more can you ask really?