TMI Posts

So, there have been some complaints, both online and offline, about TMI in my posts, specifically in relation to the oral sex with braces post.

This is not something I’m willing to censor for. I openly invite you to stop reading this blog if you are unable to scroll quickly or otherwise get yourself through possible “TMI” areas. I do keep my readership in mind when posting, and thus, in my opinion, I keep away from direct descriptions at most times. But frankly, whether or not oral sex is safe/comfortable with braces is a question *frequently* asked, and I do think it’s good to have a couple of accounts out there on the internet for those that are concerned pre-treatment.

Additionally, it amuses the hell out of me that I got almost no comment/concern when I have posted in the past about orgies and the like, but loving oral sex between me and my husband related to a medical change causes a minor furor. Really, some folks’ priorities are out of whack here, IMO.

(Oh, and I know some of you were joking about TMI, but there were serious complaints that came in, too…indignant ones, no less.)

I’d also like to note that while many folks read this via LJ, and while I use LJ to manage comments, I don’t post via LJ, as is noted at the bottom of almost every post. Thus, LJ cuts are not something I will generally use. I’m far more likely to use one for a large picture or long text than for content.

Point being, read at your own risk. If this causes you to stop reading, that’s your privilege. I don’t even pay attention to my page hits or to who has friended me, so you won’t hurt my feelings at all. If you want to avoid that kind of post, I suggest using tag filtering (to avoid posts tagged for sex content).

Quite honestly, I feel like TMI is a consequence of the open internet in all its glory. And, my personal moral and ethical belief is that it’s the reader’s responsibility to avoid TMI, not the author’s (nor the reigning body’s) responsibility to edit in anticipation of other people’s concerns. If you’re saying to yourself that I clearly haven’t been affected by this or else I’d feel differently, you’re wrong. I have often been caught completely off-guard by reading a friend’s post that contained sex content…and I’ve scrolled or backed out of it accordingly. I’ve had images and icons come up on my f-list page while reading at work, and I’ve closed my f-list quickly and navigated elsewhere instead. I’ve also removed things from my f-list and put them in a separate feed if I can’t trust them to be work-safe. So the point being, I am expecting no more from my readers than I expect from myself.