Glow in the dark!

While I was in NJ for business last week, just after I woke up, one of my front brackets popped off. The one that came off was right next to my elevated canine tooth. For a day-long meeting, I was tongue-fidgeting with a bracket up front. It would spin around. The sharp edge of the cement stuff was cutting my mouth, too, until I figured out a good way to slather it with braces wax.

Several doses of Advil, one flight, and a good night’s sleep later, I was on my way to the dentist’s office to get things fixed. She ended up deciding to just do a mini-adjustment on my uppers, and, in the process, she moved one bracket and replaced another one that was loose. I also got to switch lig colors. They had glow in the dark green, so I got that on the top. She also put a powerchain (an extra strong ligature) on the canine to start pulling it back, since it was coming down pretty fast. The powerchain is glow in the dark green, too.

What I discovered, though, is that glow in the dark is better in theory than practice. Most of the time during the day, your mouth is closed, so the ligs never get charged with light. It’s a good time to learn that little fact, because I’m only 9 days away from my real adjustment, and I’ll get to change colors again then.

For fun, below is braces picture number 1, followed by a picture taken today. 🙂