Lack of Teeth

By the way, my checkup with the oral surgeon yesterday went fine. She rinsed out my extraction sites with good ol’ H6O4 and examined them. She said that I look farther along than I am, which is (obviously) a very good thing. 🙂 My tooth holes are closing up nicely. I can ride my bike again, and I can gently use straws, i.e, for regular beverage consumption but not for milkshakes.

I wish I could get a picture for y’all of what the holes look like. They’re very odd looking, but I’m re-assured now that the oddness is normal.

In other braces news, I ate Chinese food last night after a wicked cool hunt-style road rallye, run by Kol Hadash. We went with my dentist-friend. I managed to bite into and chew my way through an egg roll. Go me! 🙂 I also had pizza for brunch today with great success. I can hardly wait for my gaps to close up. Getting food caught in the gaps is wicked annoying.