Canned Soups I Like Best (so far)

I’ve been eating soup for almost every meal lately. I bought a ton of soup options so that I’d have variety, and I’m learning which ones I like best of the ones I bought.

For future note:
* Campbell’s Select Chicken Vegetable with Egg Noodles
* Progresso Garlic Chicken Noodle
* Chunky Fully Loaded Rigatoni with Meatballs (which is really closer to a Chef Boyardee pasta dish than anything)
* Healthy Choice Beef Stew

The general learning that I’ve taken from this is that I really like egg noodles. The soups I like best have egg noodles. I’m also thinking that before my next adjustment, I’ll use my crockpot to make up a big batch of custom chicken noodle soup for myself. Mmm…custom noodle…