I had some minor achy feelings when I woke up this morning, but I was mostly okay. Breakfast was a slim-fast shake mixed with a Lightfull Satiety smoothie (for extra thickness and filling-ness). (Yesterday, after breakfast, my food intake consisted of a small Wendy’s frosty, 4 pudding cups, and a slim-fast shake.) I decided to stick to cool foods this morning, but I plan to have soup for lunch.

Once I’m about halfway through my breakfast, I’ll take my pile o’ pills, starting with the Medrol. I can definitely tell where my mouth is a bit swollen from the extractions, so I want to get that one going ASAP.

Our garage door stopped working earlier this week. We got it temporarily working with WD-40, but we also called someone to repair it, because it has been periodically having this problem for awhile. It seems like the motor is dying or maybe the pull chain/pole thingie is needing a fix. So, I’m also waiting around at home for the repairman. Scott took my car to work today, as it was the only one that we got out of the garage before it outright stopped working.