Braces Day!

I had a huge breakfast at Golden Corral this morning. I ate fried chicken, chicken fried steak, a cinnamon roll piece, and two mini-bowls of cereal. Then, we headed for the oral surgeon’s office. After the usual paperwork, they brought me into the room and started numbing me. They gave me a local jelly before they started with the shots. I had my ipod headphones in, so I was zoning out to good music, although the volume was low enough that I could hear them, too. I’d taken 800mg of Ibuprofen (per recommendation) before we started, so I was in a good place already…but oddly, I had a headache. I think it was stress. I was so scared of the extraction part that I was a wreck. I felt like I do before I (attempt to) go on a roller coaster.

It was a bit wild, because this was the same surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth, but I didn’t remember her at all. I remembered her staff, but I have pretty much blanked the wisdom teeth removal out. They put me to sleep during that. Now granted, my wisdom teeth were sideways and under my gums, and there were five of them.

So, when the top one (the one just behind my “vampire tooth”…the raised up canine) came out, I felt a little twinge up near my nose, so I told the surgeon, and she quickly zapped me some more with the shot. Before long, it felt like the right half of my face was totally numb…which was kind of cool. Aside from that, it didn’t hurt at all..and even that was just a little pinch, like someone had poked my mouth with a toothpick. Getting the numbing shots was actually way worse than the tooth removal, because I could feel those going in sometimes, and it’s a big ass needle.

Anyways, having the upper tooth removed was just like wiggle, wiggle, tug, wiggle wiggle, tug, tug, pop! The bottom tooth was a little more stubborn (the one that is right up front). It was more like hard tug, wiggle wiggle, hard tug, wiggle wiggle, big tug…and then it came out and the surgeon actually knocked my upper jaw a little from the recoil. She quickly apologized, but I didn’t feel a thing. Then they put gauze in my mouth and had me bite down. I said carefully, “Ah camnt teww if I’b bitig mouf or gauze.” They re-assured me that I was only biting gauze. Then, after I’d had a few minutes to recover, they started telling me about post-surgery care and what meds they were giving me and such. I have Lortab (narcotic for pain), Amoxicillin (antibiotic), Medcil Pack (steroid for swelling), and 800mg Ibuprofen. As before, I can’t use a straw for several weeks. ๐Ÿ™

Oh! I asked to see my teeth after they were out, and it was so cool! I had no idea how *huge* teeth are. They’re really long! It’s not like your baby teeth. They were as long as a caps lock key, maybe as long as a shift key. The proportions are all wrong in those posters they have on the wall. The bottom part is like 4 times as long as the part you see, at least.

They advised me to eat a Frosty stat! ๐Ÿ™‚ So, we went to Wal-Mart (I know, I know…but $4 generics! And I don’t have prescription coverage anymore, so that’s crucial.) to fill my prescriptions and then swung by Wendy’s to get me a Frosty. I took out the gauze so I could eat. We started out hanging out in the Wendy’s, but I was feeling self-conscious, as I was drooling bloody drool everywhere while I tried to eat. With half of my mouth numb, I couldn’t reign in the drool. The spoon was often coming back with blood in the frosty, and I didn’t want to gross out the other patrons. We drove while I finished the Frosty. A little after I finished, I used leftover melty Frosty milk to take a Lortab (as the surgeon had recommended). That made me sleepy almost immediately, between the milk reaction and the Lortab. My braces fitting wasn’t for another hour and a half, so we went to a nearby Barnes & Noble and plopped on some couches. I’d brought my laptop with me (more to amuse Scott while waiting than for me), and I played a few games of Flower Shop to relax. I was sweating, too. We were sitting in the sun, but I’m sure some of that is the Lortab. It always makes me sweat, even if I don’t really feel hot. At any rate, then while we were there, I got thirsty, so I got some water from the coffee bar area, but that meant trashing another wad of gauze, so I had to go to the bathroom. While there, I started tonguing my gaps, and I noticed a long thin bloody strand from the gap in the bottom. I started freaking out a bit. It looked like a piece of skin or something, and it was really long. So, I sipped water and then showed it to Scott. He suggested that we go ahead to the dentist’s office and let them take a look at it…so that’s what we did.

When we got there, I was feeling a bit woozy, so I laid down in the car for about 5 mins. Then, I felt much better and we went inside. I set up the computer on the wifi. (Yes, my dentist has wifi, because she rocks.) Having set up Scott for entertainment, I let them take me to the back to get to work on my teeth. I showed my dentist the bloody strand, and she said it was just a long blood clot and nothing to worry about. She cleaned it up for me. Then, they polished my teeth for a bit, took a picture or two (for their “before” album), and then we got started. I was excited about this part. Plus, between the remaining local anesthetic and the Lortab, I wasn’t feeling anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

First, they put a weird diaphragm like thing (but with a giant hole in it) into my mouth, in front of my teeth, to hold my lips back out of the way. That wasn’t pleasant at first, but I got used to it quickly. Then, they put in some little thin pads between my teeth and my cheeks. My dentist was trying out a new system on me, where she had pre-ordered my brackets based on molds of my teeth…so they came in these little arch molds that were made to fit my teeth. So, basically, she brushed on some bonding stuff, then put a mold on with the brackets, and then after a few minutes of holding a blue light to them, she peeled off the molds and my brackets were perfectly in place. Getting all my brackets done took 19 minutes (they were timing), and they said it’s normally 2-3 times that long.

So, the next part was the arch wires. I picked out my rubber band colors (alternating green and silver…Slytherin colors!…amused the dentist and assistants greatly…they said they’re going to start asking the kids what house they want). My dentist took extra care to make sure that the alternating was set up right, so that if a top tooth is green, the bottom tooth is silver and vice versa. I’d had the brackets on, and I was thinking to myself, “Oh, this is no big deal. This is nothing at all.” Then, when the wires went on and got tightened, I realized *this* is what the owie part is. I felt the gentle tugging on my teeth at that point. It didn’t hurt, but it did kind of pull, so I figure tomorrow, it’ll feel ouchie.

They gave me a special toothbrush head to use, and lots of wax. I also bought flavored braces wax from the drugstore, as well as Orajel. I’m keeping up with my drug regimen, trying to stay ahead of the pain. So far, it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s my teeth before anything was done:
Braces Day!

Here’s my teeth with braces:
Braces 1st Day