Fall TV – Best and Worst to date

Of the brand spanking new shows that we’ve seen so far this season, Journeyman is the best. The pilot was twisty/turny delightful.

K-Ville is okay but not great. I think this Slate article by Josh Levin summarizes its flaws in regards to NOLA portrayal nicely. So far, both the pilot and 2nd ep have had almost the same plot. They’ll need to break out of that formula to keep my attention. Still, the two leads are really fun to watch, and I believe in their characters, which is cool for a Fox procedural cop drama. I also have New Orleans nostalgia going…plus it’s fun to point out things like when they put the airport in the bloody CBD. (Note to viewers: The New Orleans airport is nowhere near the Mississippi river. It’s nearer to Lake Ponchartrain. That big bridge they showed over the airport, with the CGI’d plane with landing gear down, is the Crescent City Connection, although I always thought it was the Charles de Gaulle…but at any rate, a quick Google Mapping will show that it’s nowhere near the airport…nor are there any tiny airports in that vicinity, being that it’s bloody DOWNTOWN.) I imagine that this is the kind of fun that Scott had back when we used to watch Las Vegas, and they’d put casinos all out of order to suit their sponsors.

Big Bang Theory was cute, and I think it has potential. I’m told the show has an actual honest-to-god physics geek as a writer, so the geekery isn’t quite so blahblahblahTechnoCakes as the usual for these shows.

Chuck…oh my goodness…where do I begin? I could write a snarky recap full of ripping on that show, and if I get bored this weekend, I might just do that. I could MST3K it up a wall and back down again. If you haven’t seen it yet and want to be spoiler-free, skip the rest of this post. I did like the chemistry between the spygirl and Chuck. I also had a really fun time singing “The Hero of Canton a man they call Jaaaaynnne” every time Adam Baldwin came onscreen. We wondered afterward what Jack Bauer’s world would be like if bombs were like they are in Chuck:

JACK: Damn it, it’s a Prism 64! [calls CHLOE] Chloe! I need to disarm a bomb attached to a Prism 64!
JACK: There’s no time for indecision, Chloe! Find me some Slavic porn, stat!
CHLOE: That’s against regulations, Jack! I’ll have to bypass the government firewall.
JACK: Do whatever you have to do. We don’t have much time.
CHLOE: Here! Go to annakareneener.com!
JACK: Damn it! I don’t know how to get to the internet!
CHLOE: Use the DOS override!
JACK: Oh yeah. [hits alt-tab]


So, just a quick summary of Chuck’s plotholes, as best as I can recall:
* What’s the CIA doing in the states?
* Why did the hero of Canton (a man they call Jayne) want to run over Spygirl?
* Where did Spygirl’s boobs go when she was a computer-stealing ninja?
* How does Spygirl get away with injuring (possibly killing) a bunch of NSA guys?
* Why does the CIA and NSA have only one computer with all these secrets, and why did it have all those TVs?
* Why were all the CIA and NSA secrets on a computer anyways?