Yesterday, I bought:
* 24 cups of sugar-free pudding and sundaes
* 6 packs of instant sugar-free pudding (in flavors that don’t show up in pre-packaged cups…I make a mean Chocolate-Banana…also, I want to try pistachio)
* milk for the aforementioned pudding (by the way, I need to change my tagline on The Org…ultra-pasteurized(1) milk is my new best friend…it lasts for months at a time, so my milk never goes bad before I use it)
* 10 cans of soup, various brands and flavors (7 variants on Chicken Noodle)
* 6 “instant” soup microwave packs (all Chicken-based)
* 4 single serve bottles of apple cider

I already have a bunch of fudgey pops and fruit popsicles. I also already have most of a six pack of Slim-Fast meal shakes.

My dear and darling husband listened to me whinge about pre-procedure anxiety and thus offered gallantly to take a family sickness day from work to be with me on Thursday. I’d been panicking during the weekend, and I was afraid that after getting the extractions on Thursday morning, I’d be too shaky or distraught to drive myself to my dentist. I was talking to him about the possibility of getting a cab. Fortunately, he reminded me that his sick days are separate from his vacation days (mine are not) and proceeded to solve my problem.

That made me happy on a number of levels. First, it solved the practical problem. Second, any trauma is easier to take when he’s nearby.

At any rate, I think I’m prepared, as best as I can be. Now, I just have to get through a massive pile of work before I leave for the week on Wednesday evening. ๐Ÿ™‚

(1)Author’s note: This originally read “ultra-homogenized,” which was a mistake on my part. The milk is not ultra-same. ๐Ÿ™‚