In the ongoing series to prove that my friends know everything, I’m once again needing some advice or assistance in finding an app.

Several of my friends are married and/or co-habitating. It seems silly to me that I have to have a separate Contact card (in Windows Contacts, or whatever address book is handy) for each of them when most of their info is the same. Nonetheless, if I don’t have a separate card for each of them, I don’t have a good way to record their individualized info like birthdates, clothing sizes, and cellphone numbers.

It’d be kick ass if Windows supported Contact linking. That is, if I could take Mr. John Doe and link him to his husband Mr. Bob Smith, such that they would share a common “home” info but have different tabs of info for each of them for the individualized things. Given that Windows Contacts come for free with Vista though, I somehow doubt that MSFT is going to spend a ton of time making the app particularly awesome. Even Outlook doesn’t have that kind of nifty linking.

(I use Windows Contacts because it syncs with my iPod, and my iPod is the thingie I am most likely to have with me at all times, of all my thingies.)

So, I offer up the following two questions to my readership. Feel free to answer either or both.

1) How do you suggest handling live-togethers in a non-linked “traditional” address book, especially when last names differ and thus *someone* is going to end up being in the wrong place alphabetically? Do you do separate entries for each one or a combined entry with some kind of system for handling the dual info?

2) Do you know of any (free/cheap) contact management software that handles this more elegantly?