Fall TV Planning

Scott & I sat down tonight to go over our fall TV plans. In case you’re curious what we’ll be watching (of the new prime time line-up at least), you can check out our nifty Fall 2007 Prime Time TV Grid.

This, of course, excludes cable channels as well as late starting shows (e.g., The Amazing Race, Lost). The only new cable show we’re adding to the list is Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style. We cleaned out our Tivos tonight, too, so we’re down to the following shows as our season passes:

Colbert Report
Daily Show
Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Meerkat Manor
South Park
Ace of Cakes
The Amazing Race
Project Runway
1 vs 100
Robot Chicken
I Love the 90s
Grand Slam (for now…will go away soon)
High Stakes Poker