I really wish that I could set up a queue of say 3-4 wallpapers for my Windows XP desktop and on a keypress or right click or something, cycle to the next one in the queue and/or specifically select which one to set.

The purpose here being that I’d like to be able to put up some relatively proprietary and confidential screens that I frequently reference as my desktop wallpaper at work, as well as maybe a yearlong calendar and be able to cycle between my personal wallpaper and those items easily, mainly so that when I’m done with work or headed to the very zealous wankers or what-have-you, I can switch to an innocuous wallpaper without going through 8 clicks to do so. Also, then, if someone on a call says “What day would be 10 weeks from now?” I could cycle to the annual calendar and figure out the rough date.

I’m guessing a fast wallpaper switcher would serve my needs, but I need one that is ad-free and hassle-free to be able to use it on my work computer.