On Saturday (all day), we played Bridge. We ended up tied at the end of our knockout finals, and we had to play a playoff (which we lost). During the games, we walked about a block away to Lover’s Lane and picked up some new toys. 🙂 There’s something magical about walking back to a Bridge game with a toy in a bag. Lover’s Lane also has a sexy Hogwarts costume in plus size, and I want to get it, except I have no idea when I’d wear it. It’s not a pun, so it’s not really appropriate for WeeM.

Yesterday, we woke up and did a bike ride. Then, we showered and did house things until some of our friends (the Moos) came over to play games. We played Puerto Rico, China Rails, and Ricochet Robot. They spent the night. I just woke up and biked to Starbucks to get some coffee, having discovered we were out of it last night. A short bike ride is a nice start to the day…that’s what I’m learning from this.

I also learned that pajama pants are not the best riding pants. They got caught in the gears about 500 feet from the house. So, I rolled that leg up to ride, but the cuff of my kitty pajama pants is ruined.

I have suspicions that my bike is too small for me. We bought a smaller frame when I bought it because it was on clearance and also because I was nervous about riding on a larger frame…but now that I’ve biked enough to be comfortable, I feel like the frame is too small. I need to look into bike fitting and figure out if my suspicions are right or if there’s some change I can make that I haven’t thought of. I already have the seat as high as it can go and still have me reach the pedals, but the handle bars just feel way too low, and they’re not the racing kind, so they’re not supposed to feel that low. If I sit up straight, I can’t reach them at all. I can kind of half lean and use my fingertips…or I can full-on lean over, but then my wrists start aching, especially if I’m on bumpy terrain. Any advice from the biker-types in my readership?