My Famous Husband

If you can get your hands on a copy of the October 2007 All In magazine, there’s a regular column in the Blackjack half by Joe Pane called House of Pane, where he analyzes key hands in blackjack tourneys. This month’s featured tourney is the UBT Venetian Open, which is the one that my dear husband made the final table at…which may at some point be televised. All In magazine may be available at your local megabookstore…that particular issue may not be available yet though. We’re subscribers, and it just came to our house today.

For those wondering about the TV airing, by the way, it won’t happen for awhile. They will be airing a second season of the show on CBS this fall (first one is Sept 15), but it is featuring tourneys much older than his.

To amuse you in the interim, here are some fun quotes from the article:

“Scott’s $67,000 looks like a random choice; it’s anything but. This bet lets him surrender to lose $33,500 and bring is total to $172,000, which gives him a “double low” (on Marlon and Richard). And if he wins, he’ll go to $272,500, which beats a max-bet win by Marlon by $1000. This is a super bet by Scott.”

“Scott wisely correlates, which…keeps him [ahead of low-man Richard] and also keeps him ahead of Fred on a win/win or lose/lose.”

“Now, if the dealer beats Monica, Scott wins. If Monica wins her hand, it’s Monica.”

And I’ll leave y’all with that cliffhanger. 🙂