The Great Cat Food Experiment

So, the great cat food experiment is over. While Pancake, in our blind experiment, liked Friskies the best (over 9 Lives, Whiskas, Science Diet, Iams, and Purina Pro Plan), he stopped eating it after a few weeks of being on it regularly…which leads me to think that there may have been an unknown variable in the experiment, namely Pancake’s hunger level. Friskies came relatively late in the group, and Pancake may have just gone to it because it was there…or maybe while it’s good fresh out of the can, once it sits for any period of time, he doesn’t like it. Either way, the smell of old canned Friskies was driving me batty. It does not smell pleasant to the human nose, that’s for sure. That scent of spoiled fish in the morning is a doozie!

I started exploring some other options that had popped up at my local grocer which hadn’t been there before. I picked up Nutro Natural Balance, Newman’s Own, and Nature Organics. Pancake steadfastly ignored each of these.

Having exhausted the options, I decided to go back to the Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys. Precise and regular gobbling of the food resumed. It is gone within a minute of being put down, and the odor and consistency are pleasant to me, which I have discovered is a factor, whether that’s fair to Pancake or not. I had wanted to switch to a food in a 6oz can, because he can easily eat 6 ounces a day of wet and still eat a good bit of dry. I also wanted to get him on something a bit more healthy, as he’s a very active cat, but from what I’ve read on cat owner forums, FF Elegant Medleys is far from the worst in terms of nutrition…it’s just not among the best either, because it contains alot of fat. But, for an active cat, the fat is a good thing. As far as the 6 ounce issue goes…well, I guess I’m stuck with 2 cans a day.

Hopefully, will have subscription service for cat food here pretty soon. 🙂 I’m getting spoiled to having food delivered to my house at regular intervals. 🙂 The main PITA behind 2 cans a day of this is that it’s not available online, and that means I have to physically go to the store on a fairly regular basis to keep up with the eating. That’s not a big deal, but it’s something I wish I could get away from. In fairness, I have to do the same for us for *our* canned food (aka soda). 🙂