Sofas, Tires, and HP on the Wii

We didn’t have any plans this past weekend, really. Well, slight correction: I originally had plans to spend all weekend at the CLC doing Motorcycle Beginner rider safety training. However, I started getting a cold or allergies on Friday, plus I needed to be at the Mensa monmeet on Saturday evening…and most of all, with more thought behind it, I decided that buying a scooter (my eventual plan) was a lark that I’d not likely follow through on in reality. Call it a late-twenties crisis, if you will. I like the idea of conserving gas for my daily commute when the weather is nice, but in reality, the weather isn’t nice most of the time. If I lived somewhere with a shorter winter, it might be a different story. Also, the cost of a scooter in initial layout and insurance is way more than the cost of gas…and I suppose, a good bit higher than I’m willing to shell out simply for an emotional desire to be environmentally friendly and achieve a Scrubs-like level of geek coolness.

Our living room sofa started dying a few months back. The first sign was a quarter-sized hole where the leather has worn away on one of the seats, likely due to a combination of stuff being spilled on it and a lack of proper conditioning by us. Then, the support of the seats started going. It’s now at the point where one corner (the opposite one from the hole, actually) is a black hole for pillows, blankets, and people’s arses. You sit, you get sucked in, and you never ever come back. Bwah ha ha. šŸ™‚ Seriously, it’s like an infinite bag of holding over there. We’ve had two pillows and a bag get sucked into the couch. Then, you reach your arm in up to the elbow to pull the stuff back out again, and it’s a battle to get them back out. So, yeah, the springs have gone out. Given some newly found free time during the weekend, I spent most of yesterday sofa shopping. After a long day of sitting, sitting again, laying down, and getting up on at least 20 different sofas, I came to the conclusion that I want a sofa that is firm, a recliner option would be nice, and aside from that, I really don’t care. So, I grabbed my dear husband, and we went to Nix’s Furniture (formerly Ashley Furniture) in Round Lake Heights. We decided to go there because they had a big selection, and the Ashley’s brands were theoretically good quality per Consumer Reports. Within an hour, we’d bought our new sofa, at a price significantly less than any of the places I’d seen that day (including the never-ending Leith Furniture going out of business sale). It’s a black leather reclining sofa, 3 seats, with a nicely firm center seat that should be good for when I want to do computer things without reclining. The bad part is that this makes our coffee table a bit obsolete, in that its concept (a TV-table position that converts to a normal coffee table height) doesn’t work as well with a reclining sofa…but it’s still very useful for computer-ing and for hiding stuff when we have company. We didn’t want to go with a white sofa again, either…hence the decision to go with one that came in black. But, this means that the room that adjoins our starkly white kitchen will now have 2 black leather furnishings. I’m not sure how well that will work out. I’m considering a small area rug in black & white to tie the two rooms together, but I don’t know. Scott pointed out that we have a number of paintings and such that incorporate black, so it may come together on its own.

Speaking of my dear husband, one of his tires was flat when he went to leave the house this morning. Fortunately, he managed to catch a ride with a neighbor. On Mondays, I have an early meeting, so I always head out of house a good bit before he does.

I stayed up too late last night. I took Wal-itin PE (Claritin PE generic) during the weekend for my allergies, which left me alternately restless and sleepy. I feel like I spent most of Sunday in a haze. I ended up playing my new Wii game, Harry Potter: OotP, on and off for most of the evening. I do like the level of interaction, but I was having a really hard time reading the screen and seeing all the details. I get the feeling that they’re assuming you’re in HD or something. I’m too old for those newfangled technologies like HD. I like my TV fuzzy, damn it! šŸ™‚ The wii-remote-as-wand mechanic is pretty nifty, but it also adds a whole new level of memorization. Accio is pushing the wii remote up. Repulso is pushing the Wii remote down. Reparo is a clockwise circle. Wingardium Leviosa is raising both the Wii remote and nunchuk and then guiding the object around in the same manner. Let’s see…what else can I remember… Incendio is a waggling motion. I can’t remember my two dueling spells right now (expelliarmus and then some defensive shield spell), but I need to get familiar with those. But, you get my drift. It feels a bit like being a wizarding student. šŸ™‚ I almost wish they’d re-release some of the earlier HP titles on the Wii, using the same mechanic. OotP game, like the movie, is blowing past the plot at a furious rate. At the current speed of the cut scenes, I’ll be battling Voldemort in a few days! šŸ™‚