What to wear?

So, I have a light grey suit with subtle white pinstripes. It is very nice suit in a silk/cotton blend (so it has that ultrasoft feel but is breathable like cotton). It is also comfortable and awesome, and I want to wear it for a meeting that is coming up.

I had a white blouse (in a t-shirt like style but in silk blend with light texturing) that was my “go to” item to wear with this suit, but that blouse has sadly bitten the dust, being of much lower quality and durability than the suit. I don’t know what to wear with the suit now. I would prefer to wear a blouse that can remain untucked, as the suit does not have belt loops, and it looks odd to me to be tucked in with no belt.

I have to pack tonight. Any suggestions? Would a white cotton button up collared shirt be appropriate? Can you wear a patterned blouse with a pinstripe? Does the color of the blouse need to be white or black, you think? Or could I go with a colored shell? And, if I do use a colored shell, does it need to be a light color or a bold color? Or does it matter?