Sad news

My manager, who is easily the most awesome boss I’ve had to date, is leaving the company. He told us over dinner last night.

I’m happy for him. I think he’s going to a good position, definitely a step up from his current role. I’m sad for me. I’m sad for me because of the routine adjustment to a new person with new demands/needs/restrictions. I’m sad for me because this guy is smart, resourceful…I never had to worry about going to him with a complex issue, because he’d understand it as well as I would, and had loads of experience and contacts that I don’t have. He’s *useful* to me, versus many supervisor types I’ve had that are more of a hindrance than anything.

What’s more, he has backed me up whenever I’ve needed it with the very tough job that I do (wherein almost everyone I work with has some reason to dislike what I have to tell them). He’s backed me up to VZW, to internal people…I’ve never had to be afraid of making a tough call, because I knew he was in my corner. He also has been incredibly good at getting me motivated and happy about my job at times that I’ve hated it.

The silver lining is twofold: first, I’m now the “longest lasting” person on my team, and second, I have much less reason to stay on this team now. I was hanging around in part because I liked working for him, and I liked learning from watching him, but the reality is that I’m stagnating here…hence me telling him earlier this year that we needed to start working on a plan to backfill my role. As far as my actual job, I’m not learning new skills at this point, and I’m not being challenged by what I’m doing. I hate to overdramatize or overemotionalize this, because it’s not that big of a deal…but I’ve been Riker-ing to his Picard to some extent, accepting a “dead end” because of the benefit of the tutelage. Hopefully, that analogy will help out most of my readership in understanding the professional implications…talking about this without that kind of analogy unfortunately begins to sound almost lovesick, although that’s far from my intent and certainly far from my emotion.

There’s another silver lining, too, albeit a distant one…I will soon have a friend in a high place elsewhere. That’s its own backup plan in a way. Still, I like where I live now too much to consider re-locating. I will admit I started thinking about my “make me move” price last night, but that’s both chicken-counting and…well, I don’t know that I have a price for it. I really don’t want to leave this area right now.