While in Detroit visiting my in-laws and our adorable nephews this past weekend, we went to a Detroit Tigers (vs. Chicago White Sox) baseball game. Scott got us (all of us, kids and parents included) really good seats. We had cushy chairs and little tables to put our snacks on. Comerica Park also allows you to bring in snacks and water, which is nice. We had trail mix, chips, and other snacks to share, although the grown-ups still had dinner from various places in the park.

I’ve posted some pictures from the game over at the Gallery. Comerica Park is really pretty. It’s a relatively new stadium. The outside is decorated with tigers everywhere:

The inside has a tiger-themed carousel as well as a ferris wheel with baseballs for the cars:

I took the oldest adorable nephew on the ferris wheel three times. We only rode the carousel once, but I really enjoyed it. I love carousels. I also like tigers, so it was just fun for me to go around looking at all the tiger decor. I had borrowed a jersey from my father-in-law, so I had tiger gear on, which was fun. We also got to see a fireworks show after the game.

Oldest adorable nephew was pretty bored by the game. He isn’t quite at the point where he can follow a baseball game. This ended up being perfect, because I’m often bored by the game. So, whenever I was feeling antsy, I’d take him for a walk ‘n’ wander. ๐Ÿ™‚ Younger adorable nephew is still too young to really get events like this. He enjoyed the carousel, and I’m sure he enjoyed the attention from his “nana” (my MIL). We had also taken the kids to a mini-golf/go-kart place earlier in the day. I drove the younger adorable nephew around, while Scott took oldest adorable nephew out for a spin. YAN kept sliding down in the seat and didn’t really seem to know what was going on, but he waved his arms around in the wind when he was sitting up.

We also took OAN to a park to play. I learned for the first time what an “underdog” is in the context of swingsets. (It’s when you push someone and then run under them to push them even higher.) There was also a unique swing that was kind of like a car seat with straps, but clearly made for bigger kids (like age 5-7). It seemed to just kind of give a different experience. You were sitting more vertically in it, so the swing arc was probably more pronounced. OAN really enjoyed that. There was one mishap with the see-saw. Scott was bouncing OAN up and down on the see saw and OAN started flailing about in enjoyment and then kind of racked himself on the see-saw handle. I’m told (by OAN) that he “bruised his wee wee”. OAN really wanted to show it to me, but I declined, repeatedly. Scott had verified that everything was okay from a medical perspective, so it felt gratuitous.

But then that opened up this whole other thought process for me, because I really have no idea what the line is with things like that. My eventual resolution (in my head) was that moms (even former moms or moms of other kids) have privileges there, and in a pinch, a same-sexed relative can fill in, but that me, being a different-sexed non-mom, probably shouldn’t take a peek unless there’s a concern from a medical standpoint. This kind of thing is tough. I know I wouldn’t have worried about that kind of thing at all back when I used to babysit for different-sexed kids. Of course, as a babysitter, I’m kind of in loco parentis already, but even with that, it’s a much tougher line to walk now. A good friend of mine from high school ended up with jail time because he was looking after a neighbor’s kids and something later deemed inappropriate happened. And I have no idea if what he did was actually something bad or not. It’s hard to say without being there. But, it doesn’t really matter what the situation was. The child’s word is way more important than the adult’s, despite the fact that the child’s understanding of what is going on is very different than an adult’s. The very thing that people are trying to protect kids from is…well, it’s like they’re protecting kids from knowing about sex but expecting kids to know about sex in order to differentiate bad from good. It makes no sense. You can make a ton of arguments against how I was raised, in that in many people’s eyes, I’m a freak (see previous squircle post), but the best part about the liberal education I was given as I was growing up is that I *knew* what a bad touch was and I knew why it was a bad touch (albeit not every intimate detail about the mechanics), and I really could differentiate, I think. That probably kept me safer than any amount of law could have, but moreso, it kept the adults in my life safe.

At any rate, I’ve really digressed. My eventual point of this post was going to be that I kind of miss baseball, and I realized that while at the park. I can’t say I’ll ever be a fan of the Braves (sorry, Mommy!), because their mascot isn’t adorable, but I did like going to a Cubs rooftop game, and I did enjoy the Tigers’ game because the seats were comfy and such. I was surprised by how rarely I was bored compared to what I’m used to from a baseball game. Granted, I had a 6 year old next to me asking me things and such, but still…I think I could actually go to a baseball game and have fun, given that the seats are comfy. ๐Ÿ™‚

It also amuses me to no end that the Detroit mascots are the Lions and the Tigers, and Chicago has the Bears…it’s like lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! ๐Ÿ™‚