Candidate Chooser

Via my f-list, I stumbled onto a script that attempts to match you with a political candidate and rank/score your views against candidates’ stated views. Here’s a link to the script. I’m actually considering doing some minor improvements to the script and throwing it up onto my site. I think the questions are a bit confusing as written. I’m also thinking that a ranking of the person’s top three issues and then a quick readout of the candidates against those issues would be a good add-on feature.

(Edited to Add: I’m working on my own version at this link. So far, I’ve fixed what I consider to be a gap in the candidate assessment, and I’ve re-phrased each item to make it more readable. Next step: fixing a problem in the current algorithm (IMO). Right now, the script penalizes candidates that have no opinion on a topic. I’m going to offer an alternative ranking that considers this and matches against only the subset where both the candidate and the responder have stated opinions.)

Here’s the scores each candidate got from me:

Kucinich: 47
Gravel: 37
Dodd: 26
Edwards: 25
Richardson: 25
Clinton: 25
Obama: 23
Biden: 22
Paul: 1
McCain: -13
Thompson: -15
Giuliani: -18
Huckabee: -27
Brownback: -27
Cox: -32
Tancredo: -39
Hunter: -39
Romney: -45