Pit of 100 trials: conquered!

I beat the pit of 100 trials! Yay! 🙂

(This was my fourth attempt, having gotten to the final baddie 2 times previously, and having gone in woefully unprepared the first time.)

I’m about to finish Super Paper Mario in the official sense of beating the game, although I haven’t found every little secret or anything (nor do I desire to find every little secret). Since Wii niftily tracks this data, I can tell you that I will probably have spent around 26 “in game” hours once I finish SPM, versus 132 “in game” hours spent on Zelda:TP. This metric is kind of nifty, because I do have a feel that SPM was a lesser game than Zelda: TP in many ways, but I couldn’t really tell you how. Zelda: TP felt more epic, while SPM is nostalgia with a twist.