I’m done. I went slowly, sort of. I went to bed last night, having read no more than I had when I last posted. When I woke up this morning, I made omelettes for us while Scott read. Then, having had a big breakfast, we rested for a little bit and then rode our bikes over to the Rollins Savanna. Today was much cooler than our previous trip. It was a nice ride, albeit exhausting. I had brought a baggie of grapes with me to keep my energy up. I’ve become addicted to grapes as of late.

When we got home, I started reading in earnest. A few hours later, just as Scott was about to give up on it and head to the casino instead, the copy from Amazon.com arrived. So, Scott stayed home to read. We both sat outside, reading in our lounge chairs. Pancake mewed pitifully; he wanted to come outside, too! I put him on his leash and harness and put him outside, looped around a table leg so that he couldn’t leave the deck. Then, I went back inside looking for something to make him a longer leash, and for a cushy pillow or something for him to sleep on. As I was coming back out, Scott shouted that Pancake had gotten loose. He’d slipped his harness. Fortunately, his previous escape must have terrified the crap out of him. He’s slow and cautious now. So, he only got as far as the garden. He was sniffing around when I scooped him up. Making mean cat noises the whole way, he was brought back on the deck and eventually into the house again. Not more than a minute later, he was back at the window mewing at us. Scott couldn’t stand it, so he went inside to keep Pancake company. I was enjoying the sunshine and the breeze, so I stayed out for a bit.

Eventually, I came in, and we played a round of bridge, because I needed a break from reading. Then, I made dinner out on the grill (while reading), ate dinner (while reading), and cleaned up (while reading). I finished the book about 15 minutes ago, and I’ll say no more than that, lest I spoil folks who read this blog. But, I’m done, so if you’re desperately wanting to talk about it, my AIM/YIM is “MyTsuKata”. 🙂