I feel dumb.

I know I have more than a couple mathematical geniuses (by comparison to me) in my readership.

The Car Talk puzzler for last week was a word problem about a runner, wherein you are given a distance and the runner’s speed for flat, uphill, and downhill running, as well as the duration of the run. You’re asked to calculate how far the runner ran, given that his path started on flat surface, then went up to the top of a hill, then reversed to return down the hill and back on the flat surface to the start point. The problem doesn’t tell you how much of the run was on flat surface versus hill, which seems to be a critical piece of missing information. Nonetheless, you are able to solve the puzzle with the information given.

The answer is posted here.

Edit: Question resolved. See LJ comments for responses. đŸ™‚

I don’t want to spoil those who want to take a shot at this themselves, so I’ll ask my question in the first comment on this post over on LJ.