Scott is still in Vegas; he has a redeye tonight. (This would be another reason I didn’t go. The only cheap airfare was redeyes both ways, and I don’t really relish the redeyes. I do them for work because they pay me. I don’t do them by choice very often.)

I’m working from home today, because we had Aerex coming by. We had them coming by because it’s time for their annual house spraying/inspection as well as because ever since we had the windows installed, we’d been seeing silverfish in greater numbers than one would want. Given Pancake’s weekend delight, it was even better timing, as our Aerex contract apparently also covers mice! So, the Aerex guy did some crawling around and looking. He found some droppings in the basement, near our sump pump closet. He also found the remains of a package of cat treats, clearly mouse-devoured. That’s right…our mice fed on cat treats, and then they *became* cat treats. Heh. I do believe that qualifies as irony.

I’ve almost stopped using the words irony and ironic, because, thanks to the attention brought to the term by Alanis Morissette, I’m as likely to get called out for misusing them as to use them correctly…not to mention that I don’t even have a good handle on how to use them correctly. I heard an episode of Grammar Girl where she said that ironic is actually likely to take on a mistaken meaning officially rather than its original meaning, because when you misuse ironic, everyone knows what you mean despite the formal definition. I think there’s also a term that is used for words like ironic, where there’s a common meaning wholly disparate from the formally accepted meaning, but I’m not sure what that term is.

In other news, I continue to be awesome at work. Yay for me. 🙂 I am an official DSS Green Belt now, by the way. They’re sending me a plaque. Surprisingly, they don’t actually send you a belt. Oh, and they send the plaque to your manager rather than to you. I guess the idea is for him/her to present it to you at some point. Still, ironically (maybe), the DSS system is lacking in quality, in that they are essentially wasting postage by shipping it from IL to NJ when it will then have to be shipped back to IL.