Pancake’s Delight

A little more than a month ago, I came downstairs in the morning to find a dead mouse laying on our entrance rug. At first, I thought it was a toy mouse…one of those super-realistic ones.

The night before, I’d brought in a bunch of boxes from the garage to use for packing up donations. I speculated that I’d brought the mouse in with the boxes. I’d been keeping a pile of boxes in the garage to use for shipping things, as well as pending a possible pickup from a freecycler that was moving. At any rate, the pile of boxes had been there in one form or another since the beginning of the year, so it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that a mouse had made the boxes a home. I hadn’t noticed any mousey evidence in the boxes (chewed areas or droppings), but then, I hadn’t really been looking…and the pile of boxes was still in the garage. I’d only brought in a couple of the larger ones for the donations.

At any rate, I disposed of the mouse in our backyard garden and thought not much more of it. I did do a thorough cleanout of the garage, including washing it out with a power washer, the next weekend. That had actually been on my schedule before the mouse, but this gave me extra motivation. So, for the past month, the garage has been blissfully clutter and box free.

This morning, as I came down the stairs, I noticed a mouse that could have been mouse1’s twin, dead on the rug, practically in the same position.

With mouse1, I’d speculated that he might have been DOA. That is, he wasn’t bloodied, so for all I knew, he was dead from starvation or dehydration before I brought him in. Still, he also wasn’t decayed or thin, so I knew it was a likely possibility that Pancake had had some fun with mouse1. Given that mouse2 showed up in the same condition at the same spot, I can only surmise that Pancake is mousing at night, and, in the instinctual way that cats tend to do, he’s leaving us his trophies.

Well, what could I do? I praised my mouser. I petted him and gave him a treat. I disposed of mouse2 in much the same way as mouse1. Still, this is disconcerting. Somewhere in our house, there are mice. If Pancake has found 2 mice, I can surmise that there are possibly lots more. I don’t know enough about mice to determine sex, but if this was a mating pair, there could be a litter hidden somewhere in our walls.

I did determine that the mice were of the field mouse variety. In fact, this guy even has a picture on his blog of a dead mouse that could be the triplet of mouse1 and mouse2. His mouse was found and left in much the same way…by his extreme hunter cat. πŸ™‚

It’s kind of sad. From what I have read on the internets, mouse1 and mouse2 would have made excellent pets. Still, I’m happy that my Pancake got to do what cats do. πŸ™‚ I’m also thrilled that Pancake loves us enough to leave us a present. That’s a high honor to bestow in felinedom.