Finding a shirt

You know how sometimes there’s a chance that something awesome is going to happen, but you don’t mention it to anyone because there’s a chance that it won’t happen and then you’ll have to explain to everyone why it didn’t happen, which will just remind you how awesome it would have been if it had happened?

Yeah, so that’s why I haven’t mentioned this before now. 🙂 Scott went to Vegas this weekend. I didn’t go along, because of work as well as a mass of other vacations/trips in the same timeframe. Also, he was going out there for a blackjack tournament, which means he’d be busy most of the time. This particular blackjack tournament has a televised final round, meaning that if he made it through the rounds, he’d be on TV. 🙂

See where this is going? 🙂

Around 12 hours from now, my sweetie will be competing in the final round of the Venetian UBT Classic. He’s guaranteed to win $4500 and may win roughly $60K plus entrance to another tournament. His cost to enter the tournament was $275, as he won a satellite tournament on Friday night. (The normal entry fee is $1500.)

You might be wondering what a UBT final table champ does the night before a big match. You might think he’d spend the night relaxing in a pool. You may speculate that he’d have a nice steak dinner on the town. You might envision him in a club or bar, carousing. You would be wrong. My sweetie is right now on a hunt for a shirt. You see, for the televised portion, there’s a dress code. He can’t wear a shirt with too much black or white, and he can’t wear a shirt that has any corporate logos on it. That pretty much eliminates most of what he brought with him. He had planned to wear one of his many poker-themed print shirts, but they all feature black or white heavily. So, he’s combing through the shirts available at Casino Royale for something that will work. 🙂 (For those that don’t know, Casino Royale has this mega shirt shop at one end, and all the shirts are less than ten bucks and Vegas-themed…they have nice shirts, henleys, tees…it’s a great place to buy your souvenir t-shirt if you’re into that kind of thing.)

I don’t know when the show will be televised yet, but you can bet I’ll post on here once I know. 🙂 Yay for Scott! Wheee! 🙂

(PS – Mr. Moo is out there, too, as Mrs. Moo’s birthday gift to him was a wife-free trip to Vegas. 🙂 He’s been staying up all night playing poker, as is his tendency. However, tomorrow, he had better be in the audience cheering and taking pictures, or else he will experience my wrath! 🙂 )