So, I pre-ordered HP: DH from Amazon.com, because I love and adore amazon.com, and because with work and everything, I can never guarantee that I will be home, so it seemed like a good plan to just have it delivered to my house on Saturday morning. Nonetheless, now that I’m pretty sure that I will be home, I’m kind of sad that I won’t get to go to my local Borders for the midnight sales party, in HP drag for pure nuttiness. Given this, I’m actually considering pre-ordering from Borders also…but this will mean I have two copies of the book, which seems insanely silly.

I’ve hatched a plan, but it seems almost as silly. I’m thinking that if I were to get a second copy and either near-immediately donate it or Bookcross it (more likely as there’s not great places nearby to donate books that will immediately go to people), I’d end up pleasing the heck out of some HP fan somewhere…and I’d get to go to the nifty HP release party.

Then again, do I really need to go to an HP release party dressed up? It is true that I rarely get to dress up in HP drag anymore. I just don’t get much occasion for it. I do plan to dress up for going to see the movie, even though I’m not going to a midnight showing tonight. 🙁 I’m just not getting to do any fun HP things, I guess. I could go to a midnight showing tonight, but I’d be going alone, and honestly, I’m not inclined to go to movies alone generally…even less so going alone to one as crowded and hectic (and with as much waiting in lines) as HP: OotP will have.