For today’s adventure, I decided to ride my bike to and from the Gurnee post office. We needed a bunch of penny stamps, as we have more than a few 39 cent “us” stamps left over from wedding mailing and also because I made the mistake of buying more of them for just fun mailings right before the price increase was announced.

The post office in Gurnee is across the street from the library, so I figured I could ride to the post office, stop at the library for a cool drink and a rest in the AC, and then proceed home. I ran into some problems with lack of bike-accessible ways, which caused me to loop around a bit.

All in all, here’s the stats:
Miles travelled: 13.5
Riding time: 3 hours, 15 minutes (roughly…I’m not in the habit of hitting start/stop on my watch)
Stops: 4 (gas station for water, post office, library, Jimmy John’s for lunch on the way back)

I did discover by means of exploration what route I should have taken, so that’s good. 🙂 The round trip should really only be around ten miles. Still, this is now the longest bike trip I’ve done, so that’s nifty. 🙂

(Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know…I took today and tomorrow off of work. 🙂 )