Camper Karma

I forgot to mention what was quite possibly the best part of our camping weekend story. If you’ve read that long missive, you know that we shared our campmates’ cooking stoves. We did not bring or have our own, and we didn’t buy one because we knew we’d be able to share with our friends who had been camping longer and more often than we had. On our way out of camp, we stopped by the trash area to drop off some trash from our campsite. Sitting on top of one of the recycle bins was a shiny and clearly near new 2-burner propane camp stove with this note:


There has to be a story there…maybe someone decided that they didn’t like camping after all? I don’t know, but our camp-experienced friends gave it a once over and said the note seemed to be accurate…the stove is shiny clean. So, we took it.

I’ve been freecycling alot of our stuff over the past months, and I like to think of this as a bit of freecycle karma…or maybe some camp karma for being good about keeping our site clean.