Sunday in a Nutshell

We both slept in until about 11am. Our plan for the day was to bike over to the Rollins Savanna and do the loop around that park. All together, that’s roughly a nine mile ride, making it the longest distance we’ve done this summer, as well as the longest we’ve done in recent history. It also involved a very small amount of real “off-roading” which was kind of nice. My bike responds much better to off-road.

There’s just one problem with biking in a savanna: there’s no shade! It was in the upper eighties and sunny, so we relished every tiny bit of shade we could find. We also stopped at the main entrance of the park (which is not where we come into it) for some sips of water from the fountain. While riding, we saw a pair of sandhill cranes as well as what I think was a rose-breasted grosbeak, although it seemed to be more solid black than patterned, but with the red breast. Whatever it was, it was listed on the bird-watching sign at the Rollins Savanna center, so the next time I go there, I’ll know what it is.

I had a minor hypoglycemic incident about a block from home on the way back. We’d just done a quick breakfast, and I hadn’t really accounted for how strenuous the ride would be. I started feeling faint and dizzy, so I slowed down and stopped. Scott went on ahead to home to get me something, but once I was sitting and got my head back about me, I remembered that I’d put a hard candy in my pocket just in case. So, I popped that in my mouth, and after a little while sucking on it, my head cleared, and I rode back home. Scott met me halfway in the car, as he’d grabbed it so we could just throw my bike in the back and he could drive me home. It was scary, and I had a big depressive streak right after. I burst into tears within moments of getting inside, and I had a pounding headache. A slice of bread later, I was in good shape. So, we showered off and got dressed.

Scott watched the last Bob Barker ep of TPIR on Tivo while I grilled us burgers and wrote e-mail. The Bubba Burgers grilled up nicely delicious. I had one burger with Heinz 57, one burger with Heinz 57 + Worcestershire, and one burger with Black Peppercorn A1, all on toasted/buttered wheat buns. Yum. My dad called just as I sat down to eat, stealing my thunder a bit, as I’d intended to call him once I was done providing and could sit and chat…so I had to let him go, so I could eat. Then, I called him back when we were done. Happy Daddy Day! 🙂

We played a bridge tourney online and did alright. Then, we did some house chores while watching Deliverance, which Mr. Moo had lent to us…calling it required watching before our camping trip in a couple of weeks. I have to say that I was disappointed with the movie. I guess I expected more…not just of the graphic stuff, but just in general. I don’t get why they bothered showing all the freaky people in the one town upriver if they were never going to be important. It just seemed like setting a tone of freakiness without ever delivering on it.

Also, I had the same WTF that I usually have with these “people on a trip do something wrong and decide to hide it from the cops” movies…in that, is it really that hard to just leave things as they are, go to the cops, explain what happened, and be done with it? I mean, the arguments seemed to be bury the guy and hide it from the cops, or drag the body down the river…and I realize this is in the days prior to DNA, but still…there’s a middle ground here. Leave the body where it is and go to the cops. I mean, if the one guy got assraped, there’s DNA all over him…and the other guy had visible markings on his neck from the belt, plus a cut on his chest, so they clearly were assaulted.

And then there’s the impossible “city boy scales a cliff” scene. I mean, really? The guy couldn’t shoot a deer but he can scale a cliff in street clothes? Carrying a bow? At night‽ I swear, I think Scott & I spent more time giggling over the silly bits than being as startled by the topic as I think we were supposed to be. Some of that has to do with the 1972 film techniques, too. Oh, and it cracked us up how Burt Reynolds’ character kept having to say these pithy one-liners. “Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.” Heh. And what the heck was he wearing? A vinyl vest? Was he going camping or clubbing?