Goodbye, Mr. Wizard

Don Herbert, TV’s “Mr. Wizard,” Dies

I watched him on Nickelodeon. I had some vague notion that he’d done shows before that, but only after reading the article linked above did I get a true sense of the history of Mr. Wizard.

Mr. Wizard made me want to be a chemist. It didn’t pan out; I don’t have a knack for precision, among other things. Nonetheless, it was the interest in science and scientific pursuits that contributed to me doing what I do now. I remember being amazed by the Invisible Giant experiment and desperate to try it at home. Of course, I couldn’t. I was like 8, and dry ice wasn’t exactly one of my toys. I did end up making my own pH test strips as well as a chemical humidity detector, using a chemistry set that I bought during the time that I was watching the show.

One of my/our favorite shows these days, Mythbusters, takes from the Mr. Wizard formula, and it’s far from the only one, I’m sure.

I’m off to read about Mr. Wizard in Wikipedia. I’m sure there’s a long article about him there, and having read that he was once in the Air Force and that Mr. Wizard actually first aired in Chicago, I’m dying to know more. 🙂