Say hello to Happy!

I’m posting this from my nifty new HP dv6338se. I’m in the process now of getting all the damn annoying pre-loaded stuff off, but having gotten internet set up (expressly for the purpose of being able to use Firefox at my earliest opportunity), I had to take a minute to post.

For those unfamiliar with my PC naming system, the computer’s name is always somewhat derived from the manufacturer. A list of current and past PCs is below:

* Peebee: My first computer, a Packard Bell 486
* Tigger: My first frankenstein…but I bought most of the components from Tiger Direct
* Aylee: The Alienware PC I bought when Tigger bit the dust
* Farmer: A Dell laptop I bought and returned after Aylee bit the dust
* Chip (short for ChippenDell): My dear laptop that I decided to replace, given the recent HD failure, the myriad of battery issues I’ve had, the loose CD-ROM slot that occasionally just lets the CD fall out, the sticky keys, and the barely functional touchpad. I will likely be selling Chip on eBay, sans hard drive, but with lots of installation CDs.
* Allison: Aylee’s distant cousin. AKA Scott’s computer.
* Happy: The newest addition to the TsuKata family. 🙂

Earlier today, I rode my bike over to Best Buy, OfficeMax, and Circuit City to test drive a few different models, with intent of buying online once I’d had a chance to test out the keyboards, touchpads, and port configurations of the various manufacturers. I stumbled onto Happy at Best Buy. After comparing everyone else, I came back for a closer check on Happy and was still impressed. The sound from the speakers was clear and audible, and the touchpad had a handy lock switch that immediately attracted me. The numlock worked well, and the keys were logically laid out. Additionally, Happy was discounted from the normal price.

I did some internet research at home and found that Happy’s price at Best Buy was actually cheaper than the norm, not a fake-out discount off of an inflated retail price. I also researched complaints about this particular model, support issues, and a myriad of other things…and it all checked out. One of the main things that sold me is that it comes standard with a 12 cell battery instead of the standard 6 cell…meaning it will get a good 6 hour run out of the battery. Considering how much I use my laptop on planes, this is a boon.

Now, I am giving up the convenience of being able to use my work PC’s charger and adapters with my home computer, but that’s a minor issue, since I usually end up bringing both chargers if I bring both computers somewhere anyways…and I can buy a tip for this computer to work with my Targus Airplane A/C adapter.

Aside from all the extraneous crap that HP loads on here, I’m happy with Happy so far. Oh, I should also mention that I had to go to Vista. Yes, in theory, I could load XP on here instead, but I found in my research that HP does not provide XP drivers for this laptop…only Vista-forward.

Next steps:
1. Continue to remove crap
2. Once all/most crap is removed, make a system restore CD set (HPs don’t come with system CDs…they come with a pre-loaded restore partition, but you can make your own system CD set).
3. Remove the rest of the crap.
4. Start loading my crap. 🙂