I’m pretty sure Chip’s HD is dead. I’m about to pull as much data from it as I can, but:

* I found a “No, really, it’s really really bad” bad sector a couple of days ago.
* It just crashed and then came up HD failure.
* Pulling out the HD and setting up with a USB interface led me to find more bad sectors.
* Reading it via USB, it is also going slower than molasses. I don’t mean USB slow; I mean *really* slow. As in, it takes 15 minutes or more to open a folder and list the contents.

I’ve got it in what seems to be a bootable state now, but it’s still going extremely slow. So, as soon as I can (it’s been in the boot process for about twenty minutes now), I’m going to hook up my backup drive and pull as much of my personal docs off as I can. I have a backup from about a month ago, so even if I can’t get anything, I won’t have lost much. The main thing that will kill me (as usual) is a month’s worth of e-mail gone poof. Between this and the e-mail issues that was having earlier today, I’m finding more and more reasons to perhaps start relying on a web-based mail service rather than my home one. Hmm…

(Oh, btw, e-mail is back up as of around 11amCT, but anything that I received on it between then and 9pmCT is on the dead/dying hard drive.)