The Orange Bunny

I’m working from home today. A few minutes ago, I looked out our side window for a moment and happened to see a scampering bunny headed right toward our house. What’s more, the bunny was orange. It was an orange and white bunny….orange and white just like…Pancake! Aieee!

I ran over to check the garage door. Sure enough, both the laundry room door and the garage door were open. I ran outside to find a muddy and poofed Pancake panting by the garage door, clearly already on his way in and startled to see me. I coo-ed at him a bit and he mewed back before running into the garage and then into the house.

Our laundry room door, unless locked, can be sucked into open by air pressure. This wouldn’t typically be a major problem, because the garage door would be closed. When I last came in from the garage, I’d gotten a cellphone call just as I came in, and so I probably forgot to close the garage door and lock the laundry room door. (Locking the laundry room door is the only surefire way to know that it won’t open up on its own.) At some point between 1pm (my last known Pancake sighting) and now, he’d gone out the open doors…and clearly has had some kind of adventure. His paws are muddy, and given the breakneck speed he was running toward the house, *something* must have freaked him out pretty badly.

When I came in, he was huddled under the kitchen table, hiding as best as he could. He hissed a little when I came toward him, but when I spoke to him, he calmed down and within a couple of minutes, he was head bumping my legs. Then, he promptly headed for the litter box.

He had the whole world available to him, and he waited to poop until he got home. Figures. 😛 Probably didn’t want to get his arse wet. It’s been off and on rainy all day today.

I’ve now checked him out. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain or have any injuries, thank goodness. I’m also really glad that he didn’t try to go to his old home. We’ve had him less than a year, and he’s not that far from where he lived before us, so that would have been a distinct possibility. The little shiny bit of this cloud is that he clearly thinks of this as home. 🙂 In retrospect, I think he may have even been trying to get my attention from the backyard while I was on a call at one point…I remember hearing an odd sound, but I thought it was a bird outside…but now I think it was Pancake.

I’m more freaked out than he is now. I can’t believe I managed to be that careless, although I keep consoling myself that it was a combination of a number of events that aren’t likely to repeat again. I’m so glad he’s okay!