Cubs Game

On Sunday, we got to see the Cubs v. Braves game from a rooftop party. I’m not much of a baseball fan normally, but fortunately, a rooftop party has very little to do with baseball. 🙂 It was more about lounging in the sunshine with a drink in one hand and a hot dog in the other. Also, it was a somewhat anticlimatic game as the Cubs took an early lead and never lost it. At any rate, I had to be cajoled into going, but I had a great time. The weather was perfect. It alternated between cloudy/cool and sunny/hot in near perfect proportions of each.

Pictures are here, for the curious.

To avoid the hassles of downtown parking, we drove to one of the beaches around 2 miles north of Wrigley to park and rode our bicycles down to the game. The Cubs, being awesome, offer a free bicycle valet. They check your bike into a large garage near the stadium, and you can pick it up after the game. That was definitely the best way to get to/from a game, in my opinion. The only real headache was worrying that the bicycles were coming off the rack (or that the rack was coming off of the car) while we were on the tollway. They did fine coming down, but on the way back, we had to stop twice because of issues. Some of it is just getting used to setting up the rack again. Long ago, I used to just leave the bike rack on the car during the summer, and I think I may do that again this summer. If I set it up once really well, it’s better than hurriedly setting it up each time we want to use it.