Domain Campers

At some point in the recent past, got picked up by a domain camper company. (Non-geek definition: A domain camper picks up recently expired or newly popular domains, sits on them, and sells them for a tidy profit.)

Long ago, when I was looking for a domain, I looked at first. It was, at that time, owned by a Japanese company that seemed to be in some kind of service industry. The front page just said “site coming soon” essentially, in Japanese. That led me to get instead and to create what is now The Org*.

The campers set a price of $250 for the domain ownership, including all rights. I made a counter-offer of $100, knowing that it’s highly unlikely anyone else wants the domain, given that I’ve been all over the net, and I’m the only tsukata that I’ve found. The counter-offer was rejected. They did offer to throw in “” as a freebie.

I was thinking about it. I’ve made the fact that my site is a .org such a part of the site that I’m not even sure I want the .com. I mean, certainly, I want to avoid confusion or issues of people going to the wrong site…but I don’t really get enough traffic for that to be a problem. Still, my site is not commercial, and commercial is what .com is supposed to mean, in long-forgotten domain naming theory. I like to think of my site as an organization. Maybe I’m an organization of one, but point being, my site isn’t here to make money. It’s here to make the net more awesome, in the way that I think anything that spews forth from my consciousness constitutes awesome. šŸ™‚ I also love having org* as my little thingie…it can be an orgy, an organization…even an intellectual orgasm. šŸ™‚ Of course…along those lines, imagine what I could do with com*. šŸ˜‰