Life in a Nutshell

I saw two Pistons games in the past week, both playoffs against the Bulls. They won one and lost one. Surprisingly, it felt like the Bulls fans were more apt to be mean to us (in our Pistons jerseys) when they won rather than when they lost.

Yau screwed himself on Survivor. I swear, Cassandra must have been blowing him for it to never occur to him to work with Dreamz against her instead of just letting him know that he’s giving himself up if he hands over the II. Still, I love Yau Man, and I’m crazy proud of him on behalf of all awesome computer engineers everywhere. 🙂

We did a mass of casino runs yesterday that led to around 220 miles of travel. We cashed a bunch of cashback coupons, and we got two free meals. I had creme brulee. Yummy. Someday, I will need to buy myself a little kitchen torch so I can make it at home. Does baking Splenda caramelize? That may be my first experiment.

I’m having a crazy allergy attack today. It’s non-sensical and annoying. I have no sudafed here to soothe me.

We went to a friend’s graduation party on Saturday, and it was lots of fun. The attendees were his family as well as most of our gaming buddies from the Plus. There was drinking and chatting…I rarely have fun at mingling parties, but I had a blast at that one. I gave an impromptu lecture on Japanese alphabets (which aren’t really alphabets at all). I am awesome when drunk. We also went to a planning party for our Mensa group’s RG, which was interesting in many ways.

I’m still obsessed with the Wii. Twilight Princess will be my undoing. I dyed our Wii straps, as described here, and now we have a green strap and a red strap. It was incredibly easy to do, although I did boil over the green dye accidentally. Fortunately, it did not dye anything it landed on. It cleaned up in a snap with some warm water on a sponge.

We didn’t have our weekly staff meeting for work this morning, and as a result, I got a ton of stuff done today…hence having time to write up this post. 🙂

The new fridge is still awesome. I have noticed a problem wherein the ice made by the icemaker ends up getting knocked out of its bucket when I open the fridge’s drawer. I’ve tried all three ice cube sizes, and they all seem to have this problem. I’m trying to figure out a creative solution. I have a feeling that one exists…some kind of backing that will keep the cubes in the tray. Then again, my initial investigation has shown that the reason the good ol’ engineers at Kenmore didn’t do that to begin with is that it will hamper the moveability of the drawer. Still, there’s something afoot here. Something is allowing the ice to get high enough to be scraped by the edge of the fridge.

I tried several things to fix our grill (only 1 year old) and none worked. Replacing any part on the grill will cost almost as much as the grill itself did; we didn’t exactly splurge on it. Fortunately, Sears is having a grill sale right now. Sears is awesome at having sales exactly when I need something. I’m going to go check out their options today.