There’s someone on our local Freecycle list asking for a Labtop, to help with their college studies. I’d think it was a typo, but they use the same spelling in the subject line as well as twice within the message body. This person also has nearly immaculate spelling in the rest of their request.

I see three possibilities:
1) There’s some tool called a “labtop” that I’m not aware of.
2) This person really honest-to-goodness thinks a personal portable computer is called a labtop, not a laptop. This same person is apparently in college.
3) This person has a typing impediment or types by using a speech-to-text translator…or maybe English isn’t their first language. Laptop and Labtop do sound alike, kinda, especially if you have a cold.

I really really hope it’s 1 or 3.

ETA: OMG. I just googled “labtop.” It’s an epidemic!!!