Given that it’s been a year since the wedding, I’m thinking it’s time to clear the wedding pictures off of the website…most of them at least. I’ll probably archive the engagement story, too. The pictures in particular take up a ton of my usable space. I’m not up against my limit or anything, but there’s no sense in keeping them up there at this point…I have copies on my PC, as well as backed up to three different places.

So, if you are a relative or close friend of mine who is inclined to save such things and you have not already downloaded what you wanted to save, you should probably grab whatever you want to keep over the next week. I’ll probably clean it out during the week of the 26th. If you are of slow connection speed and want a burned CD and my lazy arse didn’t send you one like I should have, call/e-mail/harangue me until I do it! I can burn you a CD set of the whole collection. It takes up 3 CDs altogether. 🙂