I am working from home. This is good, because I’ve hacked up three phlegmballs so far.

Scott and I talked while he was driving home last night, and we stayed up sharing stories for a bit, too. Both of us are suffering from subsequent tiredness today. He’s also nursing a hangover. Nonetheless, he woke up early this morning, put on ski pants and coat, and finished shoveling out the crevasse that I had started. No more leaping it with our cars. (He ended up doing a Dukes of Hazzard move last night, too.) Point being, the angriness dissipated about 2 seconds after I saw him walk in. I mean, we had discussion of the angry stuff on the phone, but I think it went relatively well…we weren’t really fighting, we were just talking through things.

And for what it’s worth, I know nothing of Kurt Vonnegut. If he came up in Time’s Up, I’d probably describe him as “writer, contemporary, something like Jack Kerouac?” and then I’d go to sounds-alike… 🙂 Still, I hear he died, and I know he was influential somehow, and it’s made me add a “to do” to my list to go look him up at some point.