Tails of Pancake

Pancake should be in Ocean’s 9 Lives or something. 🙂

I’ve watched him twice today open up the fireplace shield door with a paw, walk in, and close it behind him. He’s very neat about it, and it’s a completely silent process. (Whenever I try to mess with the thing, I knock it over and make quite the racket.) Since the whole purpose of the fireplace shield is to keep Pancake out of the fireplace (sooty paws!), when I’ve seen him perform this trick, I’ve said “NO!” loudly as he started to approach the fireplace itself. Both times, he looked at me, looked forlornly at the fireplace, and looked back at me. When I repeat, “NO!”, he exits the fireplace shield in the same manner, open and close, leaving it as if he were never there.

Now, if he could manage to get in and out of the fireplace without leaving sooty paw prints everywhere, as well as turning his pretty creamy fur grey and dingy…I might just let him go about his Clooney-esque lifestyle. 🙂 The thing that puzzles me most is…why in the world did he start closing it behind him? Maybe he just likes being in there, protected by a mesh grate?