Pancake amusements while working at home

Pancake is insane, in that adorable cat way. He keeps walking into the room where I’m sitting, normally, calmly. Then, he abruptly turns and runs away, choosing a different “escape” path each time, leaping over whatever is in his way. It’s like he’s doing kitty sprints or something. He did a backflip a second ago. Anyways, he runs into the room with the black couch (a knight’s move away from where I’m at), sits for a few minutes, plays with a mousey or scratches his scratchy pad, and repeats the whole process. It’s quite amusing.

I’m working at home today. I realize I didn’t mention on here that Scott’s car was in an accident a few weeks back. It was extremely minor. It happened while popefelix and hlynna were visiting. As hlynna was opening the car door, someone pulling into the space next to hers hit the door. She didn’t realize someone was pulling in. At any rate, the insurance company’s auditor determined that we were at fault for this (makes no sense to me but whatever), but we decided to go ahead with the claim anyways. So, Scott’s car is getting repaired this week. It’s getting a brand new passenger door, and the body shop is weathering the paint job so that it matches.

He couldn’t get a ride to work today, so since I can work from home and he can’t, he borrowed my car for the day. It’s a good thing, too, because I’m now getting the cold that he had last week.