My laptop is hosed. You might recall that a few weeks ago, I wiped the HD and re-installed windows from scratch. Yesterday, with no significant hardware or software changes having occurred in the past week, I once again got the “SYSTEM NOT FOUND” error on startup.

Research on the internet has shown that this problem tends to recur and speculation is that it’s the beginning of mobo failure, although no one seems to have truly root caused the issue. There are others that speculate that it’s connected to the normal half-life of Windows, but I’ve eliminated that as a possible cause with the re-install. I have some speculation of my own as to causes, and I’m going to test those out before I give up completely…but right now, Chip is at home, inoperable, waiting on me to come give him a system file using the handy dandy system recovery console. I’d really been hoping that the windows reinstall would clear it up. šŸ™ Chip’s not that old, I think. Around two years? I don’t know. I’d have to go back to figure out when I got him. May have to dig in the blog archives later, as I’m sure I posted about it when it happened.

Edited to add: As per my blog (and thank goodness for the timeline it provides!) I bought Chip in late June 2004, so he’s almost three years old.