Bachelorette Pad

Scott is gone to Boston for a few days, for his next-to-last actuarial exam. He left a little while ago for the airport. I’m used to travelling away, but I’m not used to being here without him. In fact, we figured out last night that this will be the longest that I’ve been here by myself. (He gets back on Thursday night late.)

It’s amazing how quickly you can feel lonely. But, I have lots to keep me busy. I’m backing up Chip, because I’m going to format and re-install windows. Our dryer broke last weekend, so we bought a new dryer on Friday evening. It has a moisture sensor! So, anyways, I have 2+ weeks worth of laundry built up that I’ll be doing today. There’s also tons of things around the house that I want to organize. I already organized the shoes in the laundry room.

And then there’s work, of course. 🙂