I’m waiting for someone to call me, so I can have a call that is guaranteed to be unpleasant.

In the meantime, I vanity googled. You know, if you google my first and last name, you have to get to page 5 before you see anything that isn’t legitimately a reference to me. That’s pretty cool. I also vanity google periodically to make sure that nothing potentially unsuitable to a potential employer shows up, and that test passed as well. I’m more than a little pleased with my web presence. Most of it is from things I’ve won! Also, you can see the indications of my romance with my dear husband, in that some of the hits are with me with my maiden name and him with his name, both doing the same event, prior to us being together (The hit is from his last name and my first name, since his last name is now my last name.). And then some of the hits that are more recent show us together, with same last name, doing the same type of events. Awww…

I’ll be re-installing Windows this weekend on Chip. It’s taking 15 minutes or more for Chip to start up. It’s taking so long to shut down that if the battery is low, the computer is dying before it can finish shut down (hence the corruption issues I’ve been seeing…I traced it to that eventually). Windows needs a fresh start. I considered going to Vista, just for the prettiness, but memories of Windows 95 when it first came out are holding me back. I’ve never immediately gone to a new Windows OS. There’s usually a lag time of around 2 years between the OS coming out and me adopting it. So, I decided to forgo the Vista for now.

I’m off to google stalk. You see, I don’t want to start any work, because as soon as I get interrupted by this phone call, I’d have to quit…and everything I need to do right now requires solid concentration without interruption. This person was supposed to call me at 4pm. It’s now 4:53pm. Grr. Yet I must wait on the call, for that is what I do.