John Waters’ Fruitcake

So, I read this snippet in the EW blog today:

Waters revealed exclusively to EW that he’s currently at work on “a terribly wonderful children’s Christmas adventure called Fruitcake. It is a children’s film,”

I wonder if it is based on the Fruitcake Christmas play that I was in at Dock Street back when I was in middle school. When I used to do HSX, I did notice that the play was being shopped as a possible movie. Hmmm…I wonder who will play the Head Sheep…

(PS – The piece of information that makes this possibility particularly intriguing is that the guy who wrote the play was a Charleston resident, who also directed it at Dock Street when I was there. It ran for quite a few seasons, but I was in the first run. Point being, it’s not some stock play that gets used all over the place that I happened to be in. If this is the play and it became a movie, I’ll have been in the original cast.)