My First Blizzard

Actually, I’m not sure I can count it. We’d made plans to spend most of yesterday gaming at the Moo residence, and we decided to continue with those plans. Knowing that there was a blizzard warning for our area in the evening, we planned to stay overnight. We had a great evening, too. We played Ticket To Ride: Europe, Power Grid (France board), Blokus, and St. Petersburg. We even broke out Monopoly at midnight and played it using the pure rules, no house rules. Scott also played a blackjack tourney while there and came in fourth. (Long story, but he had qualified for a tourney, and part of the reason we planned to stay overnight was that the internet was likely going to be more reliable down by them than up by us in the blizzard.) We crashed around 2am.

This morning, they fixed breakfast for us…I got to have a hot breakfast of a perfectly prepared Denver omelette, roasted potatoes, toast, and sausage, plus orange juice and coffee. It was awesome. We played Jambo and Primordial Soup before leaving for home. It took us about an hour to clear the driveway. Thank goodness the snowthrower had gotten fixed! It helped considerably, even though it took two or three passes to clear the snow. Scott & I still had to shovel a good bit. We had to shovel the part of the driveway closest to the road due to the buildup from the plows, and I shoveled the steps and porch, which had as big of a pile. I’m guessing the wind must have been blowing that direction.

So, I didn’t get to actually see the blizzard in progress, but I did deal with the aftermath. I’m not sure if that counts. Either way, it was a good weekend. 🙂 And maybe the snow exercise will help work off the apple turnover I had from Arby’s yesterday. 🙂 mmm…