No joke on the Windy City part…

This morning, my lunch blew away. I had put a can of soda and a meal bar in a plastic grocery bag to bring in to work. I started the long walk into the office while taking a phone call from a colleague, and a huge gust of wind started in on me. The gusting wind lasted for the rest of my walk into the office (around 20 car lengths? maybe more?) I felt the bag go horizontal, and maybe about three minutes later, it felt lighter. I was on the phone, so I only peripherally noticed this change. When I finally got up close to the office door, I got off the phone and looked at my lunch bag. The bottom of the bag was in tatters, and the bag itself was empty.

I can only surmise that my lunch got blown away during the gust, blown right out of my bag. I imagine the soda was solid enough to do it, and the wind was certainly strong enough.

Edited to add: When I left work, I found my soda and my meal bar laying near the wheel of a car, in the direction the wind was blowing. 🙂