Home safe

Just got back from a trip to Cleveland, for the (second) funeral for my grandfather (on my dad’s side). We stayed overnight with my siblings-in-law, which was nifty because we got to hang out with the adorable nephews. The youngest is *almost* at the point of being interesting. I had fun playing Mr. Potato Head with him. He didn’t know that he wanted the eyes in the eyehole as opposed to an arm, an ear, or a nose, but once the eyes were there, he giggled happily and went to show the potato to everyone he could find. 🙂 My DH had also managed to teach him to throw his arms in the air for a “Touchdown!” when we were in Orlando during the Super Bowl, and he got him to do it again, which amused him to no end. 🙂 As for older adorable nephew, he continues to be awesome and thus reminds me how much I respect his parents for the amazing job they’re doing with him. With him, we played some board games (Clue, Jr and Life…the Game of Life is *much* harder in its modern form, by the way).

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